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Blacklisted Loan

Sometimes, everyone falls a little short – whether it’s due to medical or dental emergencies, sudden unexpected family illnesses or death, or even just automotive repair. It can be incredibly stressful, frustrating, and overwhelming to be in a situation where you need money for an unexpected expense and do not have it. In cases like this, an urgent loan can help you – through a quick and easy online application process, you can apply and find out if you qualify for a loan in just a few hours.

What happens, though, if you don’t have good credit? Often, people make mistakes – whether it’s from a lack of knowledge about how to build credit, simple miscommunication, or financial struggles, having a poor credit score is more common than you think. Maybe you got laid off and couldn’t make notes or payments for a while. Maybe you had an outstanding charge you didn’t know about, and it went to collections. Maybe you had to default on a loan. Whatever the circumstances of your credit score’s genesis, there is no feeling of hopelessness like needing an urgent loan, and finding out that due to circumstances beyond your control, and you’ve been denied. You still need cash – no doubt about it – but without a loan, what can you do?

There are many companies providing SME loan Malaysia. Nonetheless, not all of them can prove to be an excellent choice. In a market that is saturated in terms of possibilities, with confidence, we can say that we are amongst the best. We have fast approval, which is one of the reasons why we are preferred by many. Once you have submitted you application for business loan Malaysia, we will quickly go through the requirements and within a short span of time, approval will be given. You do not have to wait long before you can have the money needed by your business.

A blacklisted loan, though, is available if you have poor credit, or are blacklisted. These loans typically have a slightly higher interest rate than a loan you would get if you had better credit, but if you need an urgent loan – or just need to get a loan to start rebuilding your credit! – You can get a blacklisted loan. With rapid approval and far more forgiving terms and conditions to qualify, a blacklisted loan can meet your urgent financial needs and allow you to get cash fast while rebuilding your credit score – even if you’ve made some mistakes in the past and have a bad credit score.

Term & Condition

  • Representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) or range
  • Maximun 18%
  • Fees of Loan Application incl. all fees
  • Processing Fees RM 50
  • Runner Fees RM 50
  • Implications of Non-Payment
  • Additional 1% interest rate charges if payments are late or missing
  • No legal consequences if payments are late or missing
  • No legal actions will be taken if payments are late or missing
  • No impact on credit score if payments are late or missing

Renewal Policy

  • Minimum 3 Months & Maximum 5 Years of repayment period.
  • Automatic Extension of Loan which passed the payment period.
  • Upon renewal, there will be no fees or (interest) rate changes.
  • Payment date change to new cycle from the date renewed.